Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong

A Traditional Health & Longevity System - Austin & Surrounding Area

Golden Brushes (Hands)

The Golden Brushes level of training focuses on developing the hands and is designed to strengthen the brain, heart, and lung organs as well as the, muscles, tendons, bones, and meridians of the hands and arms.

Golden Brushes aims to develop new areas of the brain by opening up the meridians in the hands and arms.  It aims to improve qi and blood circulation and increase the integration of the mind, body, and energy of the entire system. It also aims to activate all three dantians (energy centers).

The hands are a micro-system of the whole body and directly relate to the brain.  When the hands are strong, it makes the brain and the whole body stronger. Circulation throughout the whole body is increased. As the bones and muscles of the hands get stronger, joint problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis can be alleviated or prevented.

Golden Brushes is designed to improve the health, strength, flexibility, and resilience of one's arms hands and wrists. By combining physical/energetic training, meditations/visualizations, and herbal soaks, the muscles, tendons and bones of the arms and hands are completely revitalized. This training can be very helpful for those that depend on the agility and health of their hands for their profession, or anyone wishing to keep their hands, arms, and wrists functioning well.

The Golden Brushes level of training typically takes between 9-12 months to complete. Additional training tools and herbs are also used for each training level. On completion of each level of training there is a sealing process which creates a dynamic memory of the level of integration that has been achieved.