Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong

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Golden Pillars (Legs)

The Golden Pillars level of training focuses on developing the legs and is designed to strengthen the kidneys, liver, and spleen organs as well as the, muscles, tendons, bones, and meridians of the legs and feet.

Golden Pillars aims to open the meridians of the legs and feet and move qi into those muscles and tendons enhancing circulation. It also aims to integrate the mind into the lower section of the body providing grounding for the mind and stabilizing emotional imbalances.

Golden Pillars is a dynamic intensive training system designed to improve the health, strength, flexibility, and resilience of the student's, feet, ankles, and knees. Problems caused from poor circulation such as water retention in the ankles can be alleviated or prevented. The first sign of aging is the feeling of weak or heavy legs. As the legs get stronger, the student feels younger. 

The kidney meridians which start in the feet are the root of a person's entire system. When the kidneys are strengthened, the whole physical and energetic system is stronger. This training can be very helpful for those who feel their legs/knees weakening, for athletes who want to enhance their performance, or for anyone wishing to develop this region of the body.

The Golden Pillars level of training typically takes between 9-12 months to complete. Additional training tools and herbs are also used for each training level. On completion of each level of training there is a sealing process which creates a dynamic memory of the level of integration that has been achieved.